Using our innovative technologies, a shared ethos and motivation, we are pleased to be providing our clients with innovative products enabling them to be at the forefront of social responsibility and allowing their customers to stay in control of their gambling.


Control is at the heart of responsible gambling. 

Gamblewise is a unique safer gambling tool designed to help players keep track of their gambling in retail venues such as casinos, betting shops, bingo halls and arcades; replicating the suite of tools available to online gamblers. 

It is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play and currently has two key features:

  1. A Gambling Diary to set a budget for each visit and records wins and losses.
  2. A Visit and Time Tracker which allows players to specify the amount of time they are happy to spend in your venue

The app discreetly notifies players when their limit has been reached, but also allows them to request a stronger interaction from a venue manager should they wish. 

CRM integrations also allow you to offer your players incentives such as a free  coffee or restaurant discounts etc as a reward for sticking to their limits. 

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