We believe technology is a key tool in the fight against gambling harm and have developed a range of bespoke products for gambling operators to protect their players. Please contact us to arrange a demo.


Our Data Science team will analyse player data to identify potential at risk players as well as patterns of behaviour which are concerning. By analysing everything from session length and frequency to game choice and stakes, we can spot early warning signs and promote safer gambling.


Should your team identify a player who they suspect may be developing an unhealthy gambling habit, we have a range of tools available to encourage them to seek help. Not only will we train your team how to approach such a customer, but we’ll also ensure they are equipped to provide access to our bespoke independent support programme.


Our team of Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors and those with lived experience of gambling addiction, have created a compelling set of workshops and training courses to help educate Safer Gambling teams as well as vulnerable groups who are susceptible to gambling addiction


We understand that prevention is better than cure and as a result, we have access to some of the world’s best academics and can commission bespoke research from both the UK and the USA.


Our extensive library of resources as well as our team of experts and those with lived experience, are available to help compile anything from news articles to customer emails, safer gambling webpages or any other application you might have.
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