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There are other organisations and other products that tackle gambling harm.
We are different.

Positive Play has three separate areas of focus which when brought together, deliver true, Better Change:

Intervention strategies for problem gamblers

Operator’s internal infrastructures

External messaging for players and regulators

We are passionate and committed to only ever bringing fresh approaches built on clinical science and research in to gambling addiction.

Our difference is clear in our ability to intrinsically and organically intertwine this much needed activity into the operating infrastructures of gambling operators and the regulatory structures of policymakers to, for the first time, achieve true, sustainable and authentic protection from gambling harm.

For most people, gambling is a fun, entertaining and harmless hobby. For the small minority who are adversely affected, we are working hard alongside our partners to help them lead by example, understand the importance of innovation and ultimately, protect against gambling harm.”

Victoria Reed


Intervention strategies for problem gamblers

Ensuring an urgent, well-meaning but direct voice is delivered to the player. This is built on Better Change’s unrivalled experience and knowledge coupled with science, lived experience insight, player intervention and bespoke technologies such as our gambling awareness course.

Operator’s internal infrastructures

The provision of the tools you need to protect internal operator teams as well as develop robust internal processes and practices.

Better Change assists with the identification, intervention and prevention of gambling harm using a variety of strategies such as game play analytics, custom training programmes and harnessing our extensive professional experience to reinforce your general regulatory affairs.

External messaging for players and regulators

Timing is everything and so identifying who to speak to and when is vital.
Better Change’s Data Science team classifies each player before our marketing experts produce custom-made safer gambling content to be sent to the appropriate person at the appropriate time.

Our roadmap includes tools to support operator partners e.g. database suppression technology for marketing partners and plugins for checking safe copywriting.

All this results in.... Better Change

A robust, progressive and proactive Safer Gambling strategy ensures maximum player protection, helps avoid regulatory sanctions and ensures long-term sustainability.


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